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Fresh Culinary Oils and Craft Vegan Butters In Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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We Press Fresh Culinary Oils and Craft Vegan Butters

In Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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Why Choose Ostro Organics Oil Mill?

Extra Cold Pressed

Our Oils are extra cold-pressed using a specially designed, low pressure screw press to extract the oils with as little heat as possible. The less pressure and heat we use the lower the oil yield but the higher the oil quality. Continue to method of oil extraction

Fresh Weekly Pressing

Ostro Organics Oils are pressed fresh on a weekly basis. We do not carry a huge inventory, we rather press fresh to order. This ensures pure oils rich in naturally occurring nutrients. More About Us


Ostro Organics Cold Pressed Oils meet the highest standards in quality. When consuming oils for their Omega 3 or 6 we recommend to do so within six months of purchasing. Unprocessed foods will deteriorate over time. The nutritional count in the oil will  deteriorate over time. Therefore consume fresh and  store refrigerated. Vegetarian & Vegan

Vegetarian & Vegan

Ostro Organics products do not contain any meat or any animal-derived ingredients. These cold-pressed oils and vegan nut and seed butters pair well with an array of dishes. Our recipes are directed to a large range of diets and those with various food allergies and intolerance. Any food restrictions can be easily accommodated. Gluten Free

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Facility

Ostro Organics is operating a gluten free and dairy free facility. Focusing on minimizing risk of contamination and cross contamination of allergens such as tree nuts and sesame.

Peanut Free Facility

Ostro Organics operates a peanut free facility. We do not sublease or share any storage space or parts of our production facility. Furthermore focusing in reducing risk of contamination and cross contamination. Ostro Organics offers various nut oils and nut products, pressed on separate days and separate equipment.

Germinating Seeds

Our raw nuts and seeds are of highest snacking quality and untreated, unpasteurized and not bleached. In fact, our seeds are sourced, stored and air dried respectfully to keep the seeds ability to germinate intact. Regular germination tests are being conducted before the raw seeds are being pressed. These germination tests can tell a lot about the quality and age of seeds. When seeds germinate, they grow sprouts, so sprouting and germinating are the same thing. However we do not sprout our seeds before pressing as this would diminish the oil quality.

Not Filtered & Unrefined

Our extra cold-pressed oils are crafted with the utmost care and precision. Any unnecessary processing steps like mechanical filtration are avoided. Instead we let the oil settle naturally thru gravity in our stainless steel barrels resulting in the oil sludge settling on the bottom of the barrel. Then the pure oil can carefully be decanted into the various bottles. Our fresh oils are typically consumed within six month of purchasing and are not meant for deep-frying.  As such, our extra cold-pressed oils are not being refined or chemically treated.

Tasty Flavours

Our fresh, extra cold-pressed oils maintain their naturally occurring flavours, scents and colors. Unlike roasted oils, our pure oils do not have strong roasting or burning aromas. Ostro Organics fast expanding line of flavoured oils offers a range of strong, potent flavours useful in every kitchen. For inspiration and best pairing suggestions visit our recipe section online.

Easy to Use

Are you are new to cooking with cold-pressed oils? We have plenty of creative and inspirational recipe ideas for you to chose from. Create a simple and delicious meal using our fresh oils and vegan butters. Foodies, we encourage you to get your game on! Continue to Recipes Sustainable & Organic

Sustainable & Organic

Ostro Organics Inc. is a certified organic oil mill in Victoria B.C. Canada. We focus on sourcing sustainably grown and harvested raw nuts and seeds that are certified organic meeting Canadian and USA Organic standards. The Organic Standard controls and restricts the use of specific chemicals and toxins that are widely used in the food growing and food processing and sector. Our facility as well as our farmers and growers are certified organic. Always! Continue to List of Ingredients


Ostro Organics extra cold-pressed raw oils and vegan butters are shipped direct. Once we received your order we try to ship within three to five days. We will notify you as soon as your order has shipped. We work hard to get the order to you as fast and as economically as possible. NEW - The Oil Crate Our Subscription Oil Box


Your most common questions - Q&A

Where is Ostro Organics Inc. based? Ostro Organic Inc. is based in Victoria B.C. Canada Do you have a store front? No, currently we sell direct, thru farmers markets, selected retailers and festivals. How do Ostro Organics oils stand out from regular oils? We offer extra cold pressed, fresh, unrefined, raw and uncommon oils in certified organic and not mechanically filtered, premium quality.

Who certifies Ostro Organics Inc. and what is you certification number? We are certified by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS) Our certification number is PACS 16-661

Do you grow the organic nuts and seed your self? No, we source them thru distributors and farmers.

Where are the organic seeds sourced from and why? Primarily from Canada. Most of the seeds are currently from Saskatchewan, Ontario and B.C. Due to the climate and short harvest season, not all crops can be sourced from Canada.

Where are the organic nuts sourced from and why? Primarily from Europe. Less treated and less likely to be contaminated with certain pesticides.

Are your organic nuts steam pasteurized? No.

Are your organic nuts radiated? No.

Does Ostro Organics manufacture peanuts? No. How do you make sure your products are peanut free? We have our products tested on peanut traces.

Are all your products nut free? No, Ostro Organic manufactures organic walnut oil, organic almond oil and organic hazelnut oil.

How do you prevent cross contamination of nuts and seed oils? Ostro Organics uses two oil presses, one for nuts and one for seeds.

What else do you do to prevent cross contamination of nut and seed oils? We press and bottle nut oils on different days than seed oils using different oil barrels and tools.

How do you make sure your organic nut products do not contain any salmonella contamination? All our products undergo periodic lab testing for salmonella. In addition when purchasing nuts, a lab test is sent to us.

What is the shelf of your product? How do I store it? The shelf life of raw, cold pressed, organic oils is one year. Store cool and refrigerated and out of direct sun light.

Why are the products so expensive? In general the crops are hard to source. Certified organic, raw, unpasteurized and cleaned. We use the highest graded nuts and seeds that can also be used for snacking. In addition we press under very little pressure, extra cold (between 17°Celsius and 27°Celsius) and very slow. This enables us to obtain roughly two thirds of yield, 66,66%. More yield can be obtained by adding heat, pressure and roasting the nuts and seeds before pressing them. In addition, pressing such high quality oils is also time consuming, labor intensive and costly. Why aren’t all nuts and seeds sourced from Canada? The bulk of Canadian seeds are being exported to the U.S., Europe and Asia.  It is often very difficult to get your hands on Canadian crops since a lot of farmers work under contract of big and mid-sized corporations. Canada’s climate is not ideal for all crops especially large organic nut farms. Most nut trees/bushes can not withstand long, cold winters.

What influences the price of organic nuts and seeds? The price of nuts and seeds is driven by world demand and supply. Extreme weather conditions, storms, hurricanes and drought have a negative impact on most crops. In addition a lot of farmers choose to grow non-organic, high yield crops that are easier to harvest, clean and sell with more profit, rather than planting organic, rare, low yield, slower growing crops that are more vulnerable to mother nature. Organic nuts and seeds are also an expensive commodity because they are generally traded on the world markets in US Dollars, no matter where the crops are grown. The fluctuation between the Canadian and the US Dollar usually drives the prices for most commodities up as well as higher demand for certain nuts and seeds. Are the products gluten free? Yes, all our products are gluten free.

Are the products vegan? Yes, all products are vegan.

What is meant by raw oil? Our products have not been heated or been exposed to heat above 40–49 °C

Buying Guide

Buy Freshly Pressed Look when the oil was pressed. In doubt, contact the oil mill and ask. If the oil-mill is not listed on the label, be cautions and look for an alternative. Buy Un-Filtered Filtration systems have advanced so much, that most of the trace elements are removed of the oils. This processing step makes oils last much longer and increases the heat point, big looser in this process are the nutrients. Therefore put emphasis on finding cold-pressed oils that are not mechanically filtered and unrefined! Buy Unrefined Buy Unrefined as as little processed cold-pressed oils as possible. The more processed the oils are, the less nutrients are naturally left in the oil. Buy RAW When Possible Most Pumpkin Seed Oils, although cold-pressed, are first roasted, toasted and boiled. This relieves a dark green color and nutty flavour. Great for culinary uses, not so great when looking at the nutritional profile. Cold-Pressed and raw oils contain more of the nutrients. Buy Certified Organic Certified Organic is important in foods that you consume with your health in mind. Many cleaning detergents that are used in conventional processing facilities are banned in the organic processing environment. Also, organic farming when done right is also a more sustainable way of agriculture ensuring the fertility of land for future generations. Buy From an Oil Mill You can Trust Look for an oil mill in your neighborhood. Support the family-owned oil-mills that are left. Ostro Organics Oil-Mill is located in Victoria B.C. Canada and we love to supply you with the highest quality, certified organic oils. If we find an oil mill in your area that produces similar high quality cold-pressed oils, we will let you know!

Technology Pressing

There are a lot of different methods of extracting oil for the culinary use. Most extraction methods contain excessive heat, pressure and solvents. At Ostro Organics we use cylindrical presses to extract cold pressed organic oils. This technique allows us to press kernels, seeds and nuts without previously heating or roasting them. This has the great advantage of extracting actually cold oil without losing valuable nutrients. The heat generated by pressure does not succeed 35° Celsius. That way we can retain wholesome ingredients such as vitamins, essential fatty acids, lecithin, enzymes, trace elements and flavours. The pure oil flows into stainless steel barrels where it rests for up to three days in order for the oil sludge to settle on the bottom of the barrel. We do not filter, refine or further process our oil. It is kept natural and fresh. Last but not least, the oil is being bottled, properly capped and labeled. Now you get to buy fresh organic oil in its finest quality!
Organic Canada Ostro Organics Inc. is certified Organic by the



Thriving to deliver premium quality often means that you can’t be satisfied with the first that you come across. When choosing our raw materials we are very selective and picky. Not every nut or seeds qualifies to suit our standards. Organic, whole, flawless quality that you would choose for snacking, is what we strive for seeing in our premium oils. All our organic raw material is being brought in, that is why we look at different farms whenever time allow us to do so in order to establish ties with farmers who try to sell their products on the Canadian market or to businesses that manufacture Canadian crops in Canada. Finding the right suppliers that have the products that you are looking for has proven to be a real challenge. Sourcing products locally and regionally is not always possible due to the climatic conditions we face on the west coast of British Columbia. Keeping in mind that the kernels, seeds and nuts that we buy are the base for extraordinary healthy oil, we look near and far, in order to get the quality we want. For example, when dealing with organic almonds, we look for suppliers that do not pasteurize their crop after harvest. The extra amount of time spent in sourcing great products sure pays off when looking at the result. Ostro Organic Oils are exquisite in taste, color and scent. Try it your self – You are our best Judge! More Details [instagram-feed user="ostro_organics"]

What are customers are saying

Tracey MasonOrganic Coconut Oil Read More Excellent product, obviously well crafted and arrived in lovely packaging with great promotional material. Thank you! GabrielleOrganic Coconut Oil Read More I totally love your oils, so fresh and yummy! Peter bondeOrganic Coconut Oil Read More Thanks fo bringing this to Canadians We have had to buy in US dollars and go pick it up across the border No longer possible for us Faster delivery and more convenient I look forward to trying your other oils JennaOrganic Poppy Seed Oil Read More I love this oil! I’m allergic to every other kind of nut and seed oil, so thank you thank you thank you for making it! Tracey MasonOrganic Borage Seed Oil Read More Excellent product, obviously well crafted and arrived in lovely packaging with great promotional material. Thank you Del SveinssonOrganic Sunflower Oil Read More Superb quality and prompt delivery. All my questions were answered. Very professional company.

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