Thriving to deliver premium quality often means that you can’t be satisfied with the first that you come across. When choosing our raw materials we are very selective and picky. Not every nut or seeds qualifies to suit our standards. Organic, whole, flawless quality that you would choose for snacking, is what we strive for seeing in our premium oils. All our organic raw material is being brought in, that is why we look at different farms whenever time allow us to do so in order to establish ties with farmers who try to sell their products on the Canadian market or to businesses that manufacture Canadian crops in Canada. Finding the right suppliers that have the products that you are looking for has proven to be a real challenge. Sourcing products locally and regionally is not always possible due to the climatic conditions we face on the west coast of British Columbia. Keeping in mind that the kernels, seeds and nuts that we buy are the base for extraordinary healthy oil, we look near and far, in order to get the quality we want. For example, when dealing with organic almonds, we look for suppliers that do not pasteurize their crop after harvest. The extra amount of time spent in sourcing great products sure pays off when looking at the result. Ostro Organic Oils are exquisite in taste, colour and scent. Try it your self – You are our best Judge!

Countries of origin of our organic raw materials

We strive to source locally as many nuts and seeds as we can and are always looking to work with local farmers and producers. As we focus on pressing high quality, extra cold pressed oils, only high quality, well cleaned and untreated nuts & seeds will enter our facility. Certified organic to meet the Canadian Organic Regime (COR) standard is a must.

Countries of origin may vary. Availability changes according to season and our farmers crops.

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Sunflower Seeds

Flax Seeds, brown

Hemp Seeds

Milk Thistle Seeds

Borage Seeds









Macadamia Nuts






Pumpkin Seeds

Poppy Seeds

Sesame Seeds, unhulled

Black Cumin Seed “Nigella Sativa”







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