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Using Cold-Pressed Oils

Ostro Organics cold-pressed oils from Victoria B.C. Canada are a unique cosmos of flavour, fragrance and originality. Twenty different varieties of culinary oils tell their story about origin and inspire with their individual character to experience, enjoy and to get involved with the unknown in order to discover something new and magical for you and your family to discover.

The five guidelines to consider for optimum enjoyment of cold-pressed oils.

  • shake the bottle before opening
  • open, if you’ve never done so, smell the aroma of the fresh oil
  • taste a few drops of freshly cold-pressed oil
  • Indulge and take your time to fully enjoy the oil
  • Combine various Ostro Oils to your taste and liking and get inspired and creative with the oils

Cool temperature ranges for cold-pressed oils make them degrade slower and last longer. We recommend storing the oils in your fridge or in your kitchen cabinet out of direct sunlight.

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