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Become a part of the Ostro Organics Family Our culinary oil club has a lot to offer. Love fresh food and have difficulties finding fresh cold pressed and certified organic raw oils - We have the solution for you! Straight from the press to your door!


CAD $ 84 99 Monthly
  • 3 x 100ml Seed Oils*
  • 1 x 250ml Coconut Oil
  • Recipe Booklet
  • Custom Gift Message
  • 5% Off Shop Items
  • 35% Off On Shipping


CAD $ 449 99 Monthly
  • 3 x 250ml Seed Oils
  • 3 x 250ml Infused Oils
  • 3 x 100ml Nut Oils
  • 2 x 750ml Coconut Oil
  • 3x 250g Vegan Butters
  • Recipe Booklet
  • Custom Gift Message
  • 10% Off Shop Items
  • 50% Off On Shipping


CAD $ 999 Monthly
  • 3 x 250ml Medicinal Oils
  • 3 x 250ml Seed Oils
  • 3 x 250ml Infused Oils
  • 2 x 250ml Nut Oils
  • 2 Later Pale Coconut Oil
  • 5 x 250g Vegan Butters
  • Recipe Booklet
  • Custom Gift Message
  • 15% Off Shop Items
  • Free Shipping*
  • Subscriptions 15% Off

Frequently asked questions

What is the benefit of joining the club?

The Oil Club gives you the opportunity to stock up on fresh oils and receive a discount on other online-shop purchases during the year.

How much is shipping?

A shipping calculator will tell you exactly how much you will be charged for shipping. This depends on your location and how heavy the products you ordered are.

Can anyone use the oils?

Yes, cold pressed oils can be enjoyed by the entire family. We will also provide you with a recipe brochure that’ll give you ideas on how to use the oils.

How did the idea of fresh oils come about?

Formally working in the Austrian hospitality industry as manager and innovator I turned my passion into a business and moved to Canada. Investing countless hours into the “art of oil” and opening an oil mill on Vancouver Island.

Do you have a store front?

Currently (2019) we do not have a store front, as our production facility does not allow for the extra space. However we are in the process of looking into opening a shop in the near future.

Is it cheaper to buy a club membership?

The Club Membership get’s you started with a lot of fresh, cold pressed oils. In addition you receive a lot of discounts on future purchases.

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