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The Art of Oil

Having grown up with seasonal and fresh produced foods, it has always been a passion of mine to cook from scratch with local, natural and preservative free products. It has become a more and more difficult task to do so with ordinary found products from the supermarket.

Going from knowing a lot of friends who have allergies or intolerances, it has come to the point knowing no one who doesn’t fight an allergy, intolerance, illness that requires a strict diet or follows a daily nutritional allowance.

This was the motivation and inspiration for me to study and learn more about the “Art of Oil” as I like to call it. In combination with previous professions, I was able to brighten my mind and focus on ways to revive a long neglected way of hand crafting oils with precision, valued facts and benefits including the use of modern technology with ancient simplified roots.

Oils have widely been used for consumption but more so often been used for healing, protecting, promoting health and spiritual purposes.

Ostro Organics nutrition rich unrefined, allergen free cooking and marinating oils, Massage Oils as well as Swishing or Pulling oils are an excellent natural alternative to substitutes, pills and excessive use of subscription drugs.

I truly believe that Ostro Organic Oils can and will make a difference and hopefully also capture your glance!

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