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About Ostro Organics Oil Mill

Ostro Organics crafts a broad selection of cold pressed, certified organic oils. Furthermore we craft infused oil as well as vegan butters.

These products are always made fresh as extracted weekly. In a nutshell we are only using pure and raw ingredients. Naturally certified organic and GMO-FREE. Along our low-pressure cold press technology we retain raw unrefined flavors as well as beneficial nutrients.

Based in Victoria, B.C. Canada, Ostro Organics oil mill is family owned and operated. Furthermore we strive to combine years of experience with contemporary research. In addition to placing emphasis on high quality and sustainable, organically grown nuts and seeds.

Because we value our customers continues support and listen to dietary concerns, Ostro Organics facility is kept Peanut-Free and Gluten-Free.


Ostro Organics Facility

Ostro Organics facility crafts all offered products in house. Our oil mills are designed to press extra cold, high quality oil. We do offer custom oil milling and custom infused oils. Naturally, all ingredients must be certified organic following COR Standards. Get in touch with us for more information.


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