This Family’s favorite can be single or double baked. Usually when you attempt to double bake them, you will notice that they are done a lot faster than when you first put them in the oven. That’s simply explained by counting the ones that survived the cooling down process. These simple yet highly regarded dunkers … Read more

Tabbouleh all year round! This classic Middle Eastern salad gets a temporary upgrade with quinoa – a delicious yet undervalued seed. This power-bowl is loaded with protein, making this dish both a delicious vegetarian main course and a summer-suitable side dish. For the perfect wine-pairing visit Joanne’s sommelier’s blog and see what wines she suggests … Read more

What is this delicious Frittata? Frittata is a humble Italian egg based dish similar to an omelette but enriched with seasonal vegetables.  This zucchini blossom frittata is the perfect dish to serve as a main course or side dish. And it showcases summer’s freshest ingredients combined with the finesse of fresh Ostro Organics Coconut Oil. … Read more

This Rhubarb Streusel cake is a healthy twist on the Austrian classic, as it is vegan and can also be made gluten free. Made with coconut oil and sugar and a soft spelt base. It’s essentially bread and a vegetable and therefore totally acceptable for breakfast. This is a yeasted recipe, with a sweet cake … Read more

Meet my go-to vegetable soup! This homemade vegetable soup is healthy, easy to make, and tastes fantastic. It’s vegan and dairy-free. Read on to see my tips for making it. Why We Think This is The Best Vegetable Soup When I am looking for a comforting meal packed with vegetables, this easy veggie soup is … Read more

My go to recipe when friends come over and it’s time to bring out some nibbles. Growing up, Baba Ganoush has always had a special place in my heart as we included specialty oils and vinegars. Milk Thistle Seed Oil and Walnut Oil being two of my favorites for this recipe. Baba Ganoush is a … Read more

Why We Think This is The Best Skip the bottled salad dressings and go the DIY route to cut down on additives and sodium. This citrusy poppy seed salad dressing recipe is delicious drizzled over fruit and vegetable salads. You will love how light this salad dressing is! Ideal for hot summer and autumn days! … Read more


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