Organic Coconut Oil

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Ostro Organics pressed fresh, extra virgin Coconut Oil in Victoria B.C. Canada



Ostro Organics Coconut Oil

Ostro Organics Certified Organic Coconut Oil is made from premium coconut flakes, grown on organically certified plantain. This ensures the supply of highest quality coconut oil that is ultra-smooth and creamy (not waxy) with distinct pleasant fragrance.

Furthermore Ostro Organics Organic Coconut Oil is unrefined, unbleached, non-deodorized, non-hydrogenated, free of chemicals as well as crafted with minimal heat under very low pressure. As well as one of the safest oils to cook with. It does not contain Trans fatty acids and does not breakdown at high temperature.

The health benefits of coconut oil may include hair care, skin care, stress relief, maintains cholesterol level, weight loss, increased immunity.

Also benefits of coconut oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid which possess essential properties. Such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

It is worth noting that Coconut oil consists of 90% of saturated fats with traces of few unsaturated fatty acids such as MUFA and PUFA. It is easy to digest and it helps in healthy functioning of thyroid and enzyme system. Coconut oil may help in absorption of vitamins and minerals (calcium) and amino acids.

Using Cold Pressed Oil

  •  In cooking and baking great oil with a higher smoke point
    • On the skin as moisturizer, basic lotion, rejuvenating skin oil
    • Use as a super conditioner on your hair

Coupled with Balsamic vinegar, raw pumpkin seed oils makes a delicious salad dressing which is healthy too. Coupled with acidity, this oil really comes out as a salad king and queen. Equally popular as poppy seed oil or olive oil, add it on vegetables, fish, meats, pasta, cheese, soups, sandwiches. . .

Ostro Food Blog

Find out more about benefits and creative inspiration on how else you can use Ostro Organics Oils on our food blog. Frequently updated.

Ostro Recipes Section offers frequently updated ideas and inspiration on how to best use Ostro Organics cold pressed culinary oils. 

Cold Pressing Technique

At Ostro Organics we use a modern low-pressure screw press to extract the oil from various nuts and seeds. Focusing on low pressure in addition to low heat extraction. Higher heat means higher yield but also more alteration when it comes to its molecular structure. At Ostro Organics we press every oil at s different heat point. Ranging from 9° to 29° degrees Celsius.

Ostro Organics presses oils under very low pressure and minimal temperatures. Currently ranging between 9° and 29° Celsius. Resulting in low yield oil extraction, obtaining a yield of roughly 55% depending on the variety of nut and seed.

Higher yields can easily be reached by applying industry standards including: More pressure, heat, solvents in addition to adding other agents to the extraction process.

Overall, when consuming Ostro Organics cold pressed oils in this pure, fresh, natural and real form, you will NOT be consuming hydrogenated fats or trans fatty acids.

Ingredients Coconut Oil

100% certified organic coconut oil, made from the finest quality coconut flakes.

Certified Organic Oil quality

  • Extra Cold Pressed
  • Pure and Fresh
  • Raw and Unrefined
  • Not mechanically filtered
  • Certified Organic by PACS 16-661
  • Free of Trans-Fats
  • Vegan and Gluten Free

Ostro Organics is certified organic by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS) Certification Number 16-661

Non Genetically Modified Organisms

Ostro Organics uses no GMO’s. This is also verified by the Organic Certification Body PACS. For more details visit PACS online. Click here

Nutritional value


3700 kJ / 900 kcal

Fat100 g
Saturated fatty acids13 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids84.0 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids3 g


C8:0 Capryl acid: 4-12 %
C10:0 Capric acid: 5-8 %
C12:0 Lauric acid: 45-53 %
C14:0 Myristic acid: 16-21 %
C16:0 Palmitic acid: 6-10 %
C18:0 Stearic acid: 2-4 %
C18:1 Oleic acid: 4-10 %
C18:2 Linoleic acid: 0,5-3 %


Ostro Organics Oils are pressed fresh, in small batches in Victoria B.C. Canada

Crop origin

The origin of various crops is subject to change. In addition to farmers crop rotation, harvest short falls, cost of shipping and not to mention world demand. Ostro Organics sources certified organic desiccated coconut sourced from certified organic farms in Sri Lanka, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Production steps

  • The raw oil is being pressed in small batches.
  • After pressing the oil sludge settles at the bottom of the oil barrel.
  • The fresh oil is then carefully being decanted and bottled.
  • Followed by capping and proper labeling.


Coconut Oil does not need to be refrigerated. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources.


Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil can be consumed as part of your diet as well as used as moisturizer for skin and hair.

Cold-Pressed Coconut oil can be substituted for oil or butter in a 1:1 ratio in most recipes. Be sure to let cold ingredients like eggs or milk come to room temperature before blending them in, so it mixes in smoothly instead of clumping. It’s best to melt or soften coconut oil and add to smoothies and protein shakes gradually.

It is very apparent that Cold Pressed oils are more nutritious than hot pressed oils. Since the cold-pressed oil is not processed under high temperature it retains most of the natural active ingredients, cold-pressed oil is nutritious. Besides, it also retains the original taste and aroma. To lead a healthy life, Cold-Press oil is highly recommended.

Extra virgin coconut oil comes from the fresh or dried white flesh of the coconut fruit. Organic processing does not involve added chemicals. Cold-pressing the oil does not involve high temperatures or high pressure resulting in maintaining more of the natural structure, flavors and nutrients.

When virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed, the oil is extracted using very little heat. Small Batch companies prefer using cold-pressed technology because despite lower yields the oil-quality is higher than when heat and lots of pressure is applied.

Furthermore, cold-pressed oils have a long history that comes with a set of guidelines, rules and regulations. The food industry comes up with names such as cold-processing partly to circumnavigate food-laws and regulations and can then set their own guidelines to better export and market their product.  Cold-processing is a less transparent manufacturing term and every food-manufacturer can set their own standards or methods of extracting.

Minimally processed, raw, unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil is a good choice of fat to be used. Keep in mind that all oils and fats should be used in highest quality and in moderation. Raw coconut oil should not be used for deep frying or similar high temperature applications.

Virgin coconut oil, depending on its method of extraction, can be exposed to heat. Raw coconut oil is never exposed to heat. So not all virgin coconut oil is raw, but all raw coconut oil is virgin!
At Ostro Organics the coconut oil is extracted extra cold-pressed and raw. In addition the oil is unrefined and non-filtered.

Since coconut oil can clog pores, it may contribute to acne breakouts in some people. If you have oily skin, coconut oil might cause blackheads, pimples, or whiteheads to form on your face if left on overnight. If you’re allergic to coconuts, you should not use coconut oil on your face.

Additional information

Weight 1.02 g
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 15 cm

250ml, 750ml, 2L, 4L, 23L

10 reviews for Organic Coconut Oil

  1. 4 out of 5


    Shipping took 6 days until arrival, too long for my standard.
    The taste made up for it and customer support was instant and always made sure I would know how many more days it would take.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I totally love your oils, so fresh and yummy!

  3. 5 out of 5


    The real deal in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!! Started with this one then tried the pumpkin seed oil and poppy seed oil. If you haven’t tried this oil please do so. I did a lot of homework on how oil isn’t what it’s advertised to be. Ostro Organics is the real deal. I put a tbs in my soup, grits, oatmeal and even on my face.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I wish my local store would carry this coconut oil.
    We live in Edmonton and am so addicted to your oils!

  5. 5 out of 5


    By far the best coconut oil I have ever had, and I have tried them all.
    You can actually taste the fresh coconut, and it has a creamy and elegant finish.
    I use it on my face, for cooking and in smoothies. Sooo good!

  6. 5 out of 5


    Ordering online was fast and easy.
    The product arrived within five days. Wish it would have been here faster, such a difference to the coconut oil I used to buy.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Love this stuff!

  8. 5 out of 5

    Malcolm Roberton (verified owner)

    the five stars says it all, really. i’ve never known better coconut oil.
    i buy the 2 litre tub, it’s such a good price, lasts me ages. cheers, mm

  9. 5 out of 5

    Peter bonde (verified owner)

    Thanks fo bringing this to Canadians
    We have had to buy in US dollars and go pick it up across the border
    No longer possible for us
    Faster delivery and more convenient I look forward to trying your other oils

  10. 5 out of 5


    I really like being able to buy in quantity (2L). Top quality product, super customer service & I love that it’s locally made!

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