Authentic Italian Anise Dunkers (DiGeso’s Biscotti Goodness!)

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12 minutes


12-20 minutes


45 minutes


4-6 servings


6 organic eggs
1.5 cups sugar
1 cup coconut oil or margarine
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp organic anise oil
4 Cup flour (sub with gluten free flour and add extra xanthan gum for better outcome!)


  • Cream sugar and margarine.
  • Add eggs that are beaten with the anise oil.
  • Mix with dry ingredients.
    Et voila!

Makes 3 logs.We usually use two baking sheets.

Preheat your oven and bake:

Standard: 375F for 18-20 minutes
Higher Altitude like Whistler B.C. Canada: 350F, turn speed bake on.
11 minutes for thin logs (if you make smaller Biscotti to go with your tea)

  • Single Baking: Let the finished Biscotti cool down and sample until eaten!
  • Double Baked: Let the single baked Biscotti cool down, only eat as many as necessary, and put what’s left to double bake in the oven again and bake for another 8-12 minutes.


This Family’s favorite can be single or double baked. Usually when you attempt to double bake them, you will notice that they are done a lot faster than when you first put them in the oven. That’s simply explained by counting the ones that survived the cooling down process. These simple yet highly regarded dunkers vanish under very suspicious circumstances. You’ll have to follow the crumbles to find out who ate them and please, no need to look my way. Sure wasn’t me who ate the last one, or two, or three …

Joanne’s Tip:

  1. When you leave the dough-ball in the fridge over night, it’ll make your life a lot more easy the following day when you put the dough together to fit on the tray and it’ll keep the shape better when baking.
  2. Follow Marnie’s and Tri’s Tips.
  3. Number one on this list follows tip number two 😉

The look I get when the Biscotti Jar is kinda empty … Again … For some reason the blame always goes towards the Biscotti-Monster.




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