Cold-Pressed Oils Containing Linoleic Acid

Keep in mind, when you source cold-pressed oils to put emphasis on how fresh the oils actually is. The “best before date” does not indicate if the oil is fresh or not! If you are in doubt, contact the oil mill directly. Ostro Organics online purchases are always guaranteed the freshest oils fresh off the press, shipping oils within days after pressing. When you’re at a store and can’t find the contact details of the oil mill on the label do your research. I highly recommend you looking for local oil-mills in your area. Look for unrefined, cold-pressed and non-filtered oils. The shelve life of these cold-pressed oils is much shorter, the nutritional values are however much higher! It’s worth the extra cost in the long run.

Here is a list of high Linoleic Oils that we press fresh at Ostro Organics Oil Mill:

Ostro Organics Cold-Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil is high linoleic. We also cold-press mid-oleic sunflower seed oil depending on customer demand. Especially restaurants prefer high- and mid-oleic as these oils can take a bit more temperature when cold-pressed.

Linolenic acid and linoleic acid are similarly named omega fatty acids that have different roles in human health and nutrition. Read our Blog on Linolenic acid VS Linoleic acid to find out more.

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High Linoleic Sunflower Oil

Traditional sunflower oils have fallen into two categories, one high in oleic acid and the other high in linoleic acid. We’re going to first approach the oil that’s high in linoleic acid.

Linoleic acid is one of the essential fatty acids in the human diet, and linoleic varieties of sunflower oil contain nearly 70 percent polyunsaturated fat (linoleic acid). Another 20 percent is in monounsaturated fat (oleic acid), and the remaining 10 to 11 percent is saturated fat.

Linoleic sunflower oil is considered one of the least used types of sunflower oil, in comparison to high oleic oils.

It is now produced in very small volumes in North America, because of it’s limitations in fried and processed foods. It is, however, the traditional type of sunflower oil that’s been produced for many years.

Does the Linoleic Acid Content in Oils fluctuate?

The nutrients of the oil need to be in the seeds first and foremost. That means the harvests vary in yield and quality. In superb growing conditions the linoleic acid can reach 74% in organic, high linoleic sunflowers. 
The art of oil is then to retain all the nutrients in the oil-pressing process. Therefore it is important to press continuously throughout the year, as sunflwoer seeds can be easily stored they do not sneed to be pressed right after the harvest. In fact, for cold-pressed oils it is best to store nuts and seeds for several weeks to lower the moisture content of the seeds before pressing them for their oil.
So, the percentage of linoleic acid can vary from season to season and can also change from batch to batch.  In general the oil from organic high-linoleic sunflower seeds will be between 64-74%. The importance of freshness can’t be over emphasized, as the linoleic acid in the oil will degrade over time. Whilst the oil is still un-pressed in the seed the linoleic acid is still well protected from oxygen and other elements.
In case you find a brand that claims Sunflower Oils with 74% linoleic acid on the label , that’s what the oil might have had at the time of pressing, not necessarily at the time of selling it to you.

Russia's Shevchenko Diet:

Over the last couple of months, I had several customers approach me for high linoleic sunflower oil. They are straight up interested in a very high quality of oil, rich in linoleic acid, unrefined and certified organic.

After talking to them, they told me about a Vodka-Sunflower Oil Method which I looked into. As this method or diet was invented by a Russian, I wasn’t able to find a lot of English papers on it, how ever here is what I found. In case you have any other sources let me know in the comment section below.

The Nicholas Shevchenko Methode

In short, this methode really is a thought through diet that suggest using a high quality vodka and oil as a panacea treatment for cancer. Together with a very stringent diet excluding salt, sugar, fruits and meats.

The sunflower oil ought to be  cold pressed, unrefined and contain more than 60% linoleic acid. The Vodka contain min 40% vol. High emphasis on the quality of ingredients that you consume, this diet also cuts out a lot of foods. Here is a link to the suggested use.

Treatment of vodka with cold-pressed oil may strengthen immunity, favorably affect internal organs and tissue. It should be noted that even doctors sometimes admit that Shevchenko’s method can be useful. True, most often they associate this fact with the rejection of bad habits and the effect of a placebo . Therefore, resort to Shevchenko’s method only in extreme cases.

Vodka and Oil as a panacea for cancer


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