Natural Is Always Better

When it comes to adding a dash of healthy excitement to your food, fresh oils is your solution. Grape seed, almond, walnut, and peanut oil are excellent raw oils to add flavor to your dishes without interfering with your good health. Which is exactly what store bought processed oils do.

You need fat to live according to WebMD. Your brain needs fat to function, and your body needs it to stay warm and to help absorb essential fat soluble vitamins.

Let’s Look At A Few Options

Flax Seed Oil

It’s loaded with essential omega-3 fatty acids and is awesome in shakes, a stir-fry, drizzled on a salad, or to add flavor to soups or veggies. Remember 1-2 tablespoons is all you need per serving.

Hemp Oil

This is an excellent organic oil that is best used at room temperature around the kitchen. When you heat it the molecules become unstable and lose their healthy omega-3 fatty acid benefits. So it’s great for drizzling on salad, and adding flavor to soup and veggie dishes after the cooking is done. Try a little hemp oil on your pasta with fresh herbs.

VIP – You need fat to lose weight. It’s the type and amount of fat you consume that’s critical. All-natural organic oils give your body the quality fat it requires to function optimally to burn fat and build your body strong!

Sesame Oil

This oil is said to help lower blood pressure.  It’s great in soups, stews, and for drizzling on side dishes. A little gives you a big nutty flavor. Some people even drizzle a little bit on their toast.

Olive Oil

This is one of the most popular oils that people use for both cooking and adding flavor to their dishes. I’m sure you’ve seen people dipping their bread into high-quality organic extra virgin olive oil before.

Most grocers supply olive oil, you just need to be careful you are getting the best unrefined organic, raw, olive oil available. When the oil is generated through the cold-pressed process you don’t have to ever worry about jeopardizing the health benefits of it.

Keep in mind olive oil is one of the “healthy” oils that does well with higher heat. This means you can cook with it for flavor and not change the chemical structure, according to

Olive oil is excellent for searing wild salmon, drizzling on salads or fresh veggies, or just as a sauce.

Real or fake, which do you prefer?

It makes sense to take the time to make sure you get the best fat available from organic fresh oils that are made with your health in mind. Cold-pressed organic oils are your best choice.

Take action to ensure you treat your body right!


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