Benefits Of Fasting And How To Do It

Intermittent fasting or occasional fasting is a great way to give your body he ability to run clean. According to Men’s Journal, calorie restriction nearly doubles the life expectancy in rodents; and a study on monkeys showed am increased resistance to mental decline and other serious disease like cancer and heart disease.

*Fitness Gain And Weight Loss

We all know sugar is related to weight gain. When you fast and exercise your body is in a supercharged state where your metabolism is blasting fat like mad. Studies show your body adapts during periods of deprivation and works harder to build muscle too.

This doesn’t mean your body can tolerate hours of training during your calorie restriction, but up to 45 minutes is considered a good thing.

*Protection From Cancer

When you are fasting your body slip dinosaur protective mode. Cancerous cells metastasize with glucose as their fuel source and when you remove feel with fasting, you interfere with he cancer development.

*Protects Nerves and Increases Longevity

When you fast you increase BDNF, a protein that’s important for protecting you from age-related cognitive degeneration and learning.

*Removes Dangerous Toxins Interfering With Good Health

We live in a world far from what Mother Nature intended. We eat all sorts of additives and preservatives that your body stores because it doesn’t know how to get rid of them. The air we breathe is often loaded with poisons and smoking, drinking, and drug use are other lifestyle habits that pollute from the inside out, Throw all this together and your body is fighting a losing battle.

By fasting you’re giving your body the means to purge these harmful toxins that are interfering with your sleep, energy, thinking, and overall health. It’s a chance o help your body run clean.

Fasting With Coconut Oil reports that coconut oil comes from he flesh of the coconut by taking the all-natural oil from the coconut milk or the flesh that’s compressed and or shredded. It’s excellent for cooking, cosmetics, and medical purposes.

Coconut oil is stable and has a long shelf life. It boosts energy and provides the body with fatty acids essential to good health.

It can also serve as a cleansing agent because of its diuretic effects.


Make sure you buy organic unrefined all-natural coconut oil that hasn’t been bleached or deodorized like refined oils with less nutrients.


Consume 2 tablespoons of pure coconut oil about every 2 hours. Don’t exceed 14 tablespoons per day because that may upset your stomach. Keep in mind you may want to stop about 3-4 hours before bed because this will boost energy levels and make it hard to sleep.

Add to this lemon water with a little sea salt throughout the day to keep you hydrated and aid in the cleanse. You can also eat up to 4 ounces of fresh coconut fresh to help support good bacteria in the body.

This process provides your body with the energy and the ability to purge your body of harmful toxins just by consuming these 4 items.


Most people follow this fast for 3-7 days; but no more than that without the approval of your doctor.

This is a pretty straight forward way to give your body a bit of a break, get rid of poisons built up, and reset your energy levels higher.

Fasting with raw healthy organic fresh oil is the natural way to purge your body and mind of toxic buildup and help give you the energy and clean running system you need to maintain optimal health.

Time for you to fas with essential oils and feel the difference; mind, body and soul.


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