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Popular uses and storage pointers

Hazelnuts are most often associated with chocolate truffles and Nutella. Besides that, hazelnut oil is an excellent way to add a nutty healthy flavor to your cooking. Turkey gets bragging rights for producing the most hazelnuts, followed by Italy and the United States, according to Health Diaries.


Top Hot Health Benefits

Heart Health

Hazelnuts are loaded with healthy unsaturated fats, the ones that are heart healthy. The oleic acid in the nut oil supports increased good cholesterol and decreased bad cholesterol, helping your cardiovascular system pump more effectively. The magnesium helps regulate calcium in the muscles which helps to ensure a strong and steady beat.


Protects Against Cancer

It’s the natural vitamin E in hazelnut oil that may help to cut the risk of bladder cancer and the manganese may also contribute to cancer prevention.

Bone/Joint Health

Magnesium in this nut oil helps to support a strong skeletal structure, which is key to optimal long-term health. Osteoporosis is not something you want to deal with at any point in your life.

Nervous System Strengthening

Your internal nervous system needs amino acids to function optimally. And these amino acids require adequate amounts of vitamin B6, which of course organic, cold pressed hazelnut oil has. This B6 vitamin is also responsible for creating myelin; the insulation factor that helps to improve the speed of electrical impulse signals.


Improved Digestive System Health

Fatty acids and cholesterol are utilized better when manganese is around. Hazelnut oil has plenty. The high fiber content also helps to push waste through your system and optimize the big picture functioning of your digestive health. Balance is key to good health and hazelnuts give your body this platform.

What can you use organic hazelnut oil for?

 Livestrong experts report this mild sweet nutty tasting oil can be used for a variety of applications.

*Culinary Uses – It’s excellent for salad dressings and works wonders with citrus fruit salad, or as a substitution for olive oil.

*Massage Therapy – Hazelnut oil is excellent for penetrating the skin quickly, which makes it excellent for massage therapy. The scent relaxes and the oils soothes; the perfect combination.

*Skin Creams – Hazelnut oil is a great base for skin creams. It’s resistant to spoiling so this helps you use your homemade creams longer. Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, you really can’t go wrong.


Why should you store cold pressed hazelnut oil in the fridge?

Hazelnut oil is volatile and sensitive to temperature change. By storing it in the fridge you ensure there is no dramatic temperature change and this helps to keep the molecules and flavor stable.


How come this oil can go rancid so fast?

Hazelnut oil has a high fat content which means it will go rancid rather quickly if it’s not refrigerated. Therefor buy your hazelnut oil fresh and in rather small bottles, so that you have a reasonable time to finish it up before it can turn on you.


Enjoy hazelnut oil on fresh fruit, salads, or your famous chicken veggie stir fry – yum!

See our recipe section for more delicious ideas

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