Marketing The Truth – What You Need To Know

Unfortunately these days we seem to fall for what the clever marketing campaign says, what they want to sell, and not necessarily the truth.

You would think that because organic foods are better than foods grown with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, that organic, raw, unrefined oils are better than processed oils. According to, not all organic essential oils are the best. The quality of the oil is determined by a scientific test called GCMS (gas chromatography and mass spectrometry).

In order to get the best organic oils you want a plant that is under stress, which is most prevalent in the wild. Essentials oils are produced by a plant that’s under duress or attack, diseased, facing poor weather conditions, or any other threat. These wild plants are always on alert and really don’t have the time to recover.

Keep in mind this doesn’t mean that organic oils aren’t great, because they are. But if you are looking for premium you’re going to have to dig deeper and ask if the oil meets premium levels.

That said –

Raw, Organic Oils Are Better Because…

*They maintain a low oil temperature which ensures minimal molecular change from the nut or seed.This equates to higher quality.

*Organic oils are easier to digest and entirely used by the body.

*These are the healthiest fats to consume.

*When you consume these raw oils in their natural form you aren’t eating unhealthy saturated or hydrogenated fats, which may lead to serious disease when consumed in large amounts over time.

*There are no preservatives added to these oils, which means a shorter shelf life and freshness that is retained in the oil.

Processed or highly refined oils go through 3 main refining procedures; neutralization, bleaching, and deodorization. The result is a light golden colored oil that’s essentially odorless and taste-less, plastic.

What this process does is take away any connection the oil once had with the natural nut or seed it came from, according to food experts at Canadian Living. This “plastic fat” is fundamentally altered in structure and offers no nutritional benefits to the human body. Add to this the fact all the healthy phyto-chemicals found in organic oils, like lignans that help battle cancer, are gone.

Fact:The chemicals used in the refining process are dangerous.

Hands down raw, organic, and unrefined oils, like almond, walnut, and flaxseed oil, are going to give you a nice clean burn that stands the test of time. Just makes sense. Make a point of getting these all natural oils into your diet in moderation and your body will thank you for it!


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