Technology Pressing

There are a lot of different methods of extracting oil for the culinary use. Most extraction methods contain excessive heat, pressure and solvents.

At Ostro Organics we use cylindrical presses to extract cold pressed organic oils. This technique allows us to press kernels, seeds and nuts without previously heating or roasting them. This has the great advantage of extracting actually cold oil without losing valuable nutrients.

The heat generated by pressure does not succeed 35° Celsius. That way we can retain wholesome ingredients such as vitamins, essential fatty acids, lecithin, enzymes, trace elements and flavours.

The pure oil flows into stainless steel barrels where it rests for up to three days in order for the oil sludge to settle on the bottom of the barrel. We do not filter, refine or further process our oil. It is kept natural and fresh.

Last but not least, the oil is being bottled, properly capped and labeled.

Now you get to buy fresh organic oil in its finest quality!

Join our faboulous community today!

Join our faboulous community today!

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