Production and Quality

The secret of our oils lies in the depth of the obvious.

Organic, cold pressed under low pressure, unrefined, unheated and pressed fresh in small batches in regular intervals.

Only first pressings with our modern cylindrical press technology.

Ensuring natural flavours, unfiltered colours and scents designed by nature.

The Ostro Guarantee

All plant oils from the Ostro Organics oil mill are cold pressed, organic and milled in house, in Victoria B.C., without exceptions! Although a lot more yield can be achieved by adding heat, pressure and additives, we thrust to deliver exceptional quality over quantity.

All our oils are 100% pressed from the oil fruit for which it is named, and are freshly extracted on an ongoing basis by means of low pressure cylindrical presses. Ostro Organics Oils are full and natural in flavour, colour and scent.

The oils are neither filtered nor refined and do not contain any toxic solvents, bleachers or other additives. This makes Ostro Organics Oils extremely healthy plant oils.

Ostro Organics premium cold pressed organic oils can be ordered easily and conveniently in our online shop.

Join our faboulous community today!

Join our faboulous community today!

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