Ostro Organic Oils are currently being sold online thru our website, farmers markets, festivals and by following local supporters.

Local Store Fronts:

Lifestyle Markets, Douglas St. Victoria B.C.
For Good Measure, Cadboro Bay, Victoria B.C
Whole Foods Market, Uptown, Victoria B.C.
Whole Foods Market, Park Royal, Vancouver B.C.
Whole Foods Market, Robson Street, Vancouver B.C.

Ostro Organics will be at following Farmers Markets in the summer 2017:

Moss Street Market - Victoria B.C.
Sidney Street Market - Victoria B.C.
Vancouver Farmers Markets - Vancouver B.C.
Whistler Farmers Market - Whistler B.C.




Join our faboulous community today!

Join our faboulous community today!

Huffington Post experts agree this hunter-gatherer diet is one of the most logical diets out there. It's pretty simple to follow and is focused on giving your body the raw fuel it needs to perform and maintain good health. Note - Coconut oil is one of the only saturated fats that's considered extremely beneficial to your health and well-being, in moderation of course. Keep in mind one serving of fat is 1-2 tbsp. of essential oil, 1/4 of an avocado, 4-5 olives, or just 1-2 tbsp. of dressing.